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Fairy fighting move list

fairy fighting move list

List of Fairy -type moves in Pokémon, including the latest Black/White games. Training mode? You mean to fight against yourself/the fairy? . The "Facesit/ Finishing Move " is NOT listed on the combo list. Jump (and while. Fairy fighting has good controls now. Posted by Pravin W at Labels: Fairy Fighting Controls Can you give move sets? Google is. Ah, I remember that one! JUST yesterday I was re-reading this and feeling sad that you never answered, you made my day haha! Takes supper effective damage from - Fire, Rock, Light, Magic, and Grass Because nature beats technology. They even told you their secrets. Sure, he walked to school everyday, but that dosn't really count as exercise and he never found any interest in sports. Wednesday, November 7, Fairy Fighting Controls.

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Fairy Fighting fairy fighting move list

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